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Seeing the usage of commercial drones continues to proliferating, and physical security of sensitive sites facing escalating threats, Sentrycs embarked on a journey to safeguard urban sky perimeters against unauthorized drones and provide an effective response – tailored to dense areas’ specific needs – without compromising any existing security frameworks.

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Ensuring the safety and protection of communities – including people, assets and critical infrastructures- necessitates a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simply implementing more technology. This multifaceted challenge can only be addressed through tight collaboration among the key stakeholders in Unmanned Traffic Management, including regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.

Recognizing the critical nature and complexity of this challenge, the Sentrycs team of Communications and Radio Frequency experts embarked on a mission in 2017 to develop modular solutions that can be fully customized to precisely meet the unique security requirements and drone ecosystems of each customer and partner. By uniting its field-proven technology and expertise in global drone environments, Sentrycs is leading the way towards a safer and more secure drone-driven future.

Meet our leadership team

Our leaders draw on extensive industry knowledge to help you protect the sky above your site or punctual event, and ensure your people and premises are safe and secure.

Yoav Zaltzman


Tal Cohen


Moti Wilner


Amos Shalev

VP Research

Rotem Epelbaum

VP Software Development

David Hochhauser

General Manager, The Americas

Meir Avidan

VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Audelia Boker

VP Marketing

Alon Shantzer

VP Sales

Shachar Kurland

VP Customer Success

Eyal BenAri

VP Systems & Operation

Our investors
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TREO Asset Management specializes in managing funds across numerous strategies and structures, including PE, VC, Hedge, Fund of Funds, and Trust situations, globally. TREO AM’s strong track record of maximizing net asset value realizations, coupled with its commitment to operating with the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and transparency, ensures that the investments it oversees receive the highest quality of service.

And the rest of the crew

Honestly, this place is like no other. But we won't try to tell you why. Like in everything we do, we trust that "Seeing is Believing", so you'll just have to come and judge for yourself!