Akustische Erkennung

Einsatz von Mikrofonen und akustischen Sensoren zur Erfassung des von UAS erzeugten Schalls.

Drone Capture

The use of physical means, such as nets, to capture UAS in mid-flight.

Electronic attack

The use of electronic jamming, spoofing, or other methods to disrupt UAS communication and control signals.

Frequency Jamming

A technique used to disrupt the radio signals used by drones to communicate with their operators. This can prevent the drone from receiving commands or transmitting data, effectively disabling it.

Frequency hopping

A technique used by UAS to change their radio frequency rapidly, making it more difficult to jam their communication signals…

GPS Spoofing

A technique used to deceive UAS navigation systems by broadcasting false GPS signals, causing the drone to lose its ability to navigate accurately…


A software-based feature that restricts the flight of drones in certain areas, such as near airports or other sensitive locations…

Interceptor Drones

Drones that are designed to intercept and capture or disable other drones  …

Machine learning

The use of algorithms that can learn and adapt to new data to improve the accuracy of UAS detection and classification  …

Net Guns

A type of non-lethal weapon used to capture UAS by shooting a net to entangle the drone and bring it to the ground  …

Optical Disruptors

Devices that can be used to disable drones by emitting high-intensity light beams that interfere with the drone’s sensors and cameras  …

Passive detection

The use of sensors that do not emit any signals, such as passive radar or acoustic sensors, to detect and track UAS without alerting the drone’s operator  …

Part 107

The regulation developed by the FAA for the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) weighing less than 55 pounds for commercial purposes in the United States  …

Risk Mitigation

Strategies designed to minimize the impact of UAS threats, including contingency planning, physical security measures, and personnel training  …

RF Jamming

A method of disrupting UAS communications by broadcasting a stronger signal on the same frequency, making it difficult for the drone to receive or transmit data  …

RF Detection

The use of radio frequency sensors to detect UAS by identifying the signal emitted by the drone’s communication or navigation systems  …

Radar Detection

The use of radar to detect UAS by analyzing the radar return signal from the drone  …

UAS Hardening

Designing UAS with countermeasures to prevent them from being easily detected or neutralized by C-UAS systems  …