Counter Drone Solutions for Smuggling Drones in Prisons

Narco-drones, smuggling weapons, cellphones, and more are just a few of the drone criminal uses threatening correction facilities.


Threats from Rogue Smuggling Drones

As drones have become cheap and easy to operate and capable of carrying heavier payloads, prisons are facing a new type of security threat, happening on a nightly basis: drone operators using them to deliver illegal and dangerous contraband over their walls. They smuggle:

  • Drugs & narcotics
  • Guns
  • Cellphones
  • Sim cards
  • Money

This situation has become a significant danger to both inmates and staff.

The current security measures are not enough to prevent these attacks. It’s not enough to protect the physical perimeter of prisons, it is now mandatory to protect the sky above and around them.

Ensuring prison safety with counter-drone solutions

Where legally permitted, the Sentrycs mitigation module can be used to take over the unauthorized drone and safely land it in a predefined area, ensuring the safety and security of everyone within the prison’s walls.


Sentrycs Counter-Drone Technology

Sentrycs’ integrated counter-drone technology provides an autonomous solution to this critical problem. It can be connected into prisons’ command and control systems and alert security personnel in real-time, so they can take immediate action to secure the situation. Its Detection, Tracking, and Identification (DTI) capabilities enable security staff to analyze the threat level, and determine the best course of action. This module also provides the controller’s GPS location, enabling law enforcement authorities to arrest the criminal drone operator.

Preguntas frecuentes

Drones can be detected in a matter of seconds after take off when they are still at a safe distance and security staff are alerted in real-time.

Absolutely! One of the Sentrycs’ specificities is that it can detect with GPS accuracy the last-known location of the drone’s remote control, which is likely to be where the operator is.