Mūsų technologija

We at Sentrycs understand that every industry or domain of activity has its specific operational needs and that protecting the sky from unauthorized commercial drones takes more than technology alone. It requires a multi-layered approach, thoughtful coordination, and seamless cooperation between different departments, teams, and authorities.

That’s why we have developed and designed a flexible and Integrated Counter-drone solution that leverages Protocol Analytics and provides an extensive range of capabilities when used as a stand-alone, but also:

  • Creates synergies with the systems you already have
  • Ensures continuity to your operations
  • Brings peace of mind to personnel on the ground
  • Complies with national regulations

The Sentrycs solution operates in a “pre-defined parameters, automated enforcement” mode, which means we work together with you to configure and deploy the system according to your operational needs and policies, and it then operates autonomously, without requiring extensive training or particular skills from staff on the ground.

How Sentrycs Works


Plug & play 24/7 autonomous monitoring and alerting, even during nighttime & beyond visual line of sight. Detect unlimited number of drones, even when GPS spoofing or jamming are present.


Stebėti drono aukštį ir greitį, nustatyti drono koordinates ir paskutinę žinomą nuotolinio valdymo vietą. Vykdydamas poveikio mažinimą, "Sentrycs" stebi kitus dronus.


Naudotojo lygmens identifikavimas, įskaitant:
- dronų pardavėjas
- dronų tipas
- serijos numeris.


Dvi galimos klimato kaitos švelninimo galimybės: Atjungti droną nuo nuotolinio valdymo pulto, pakelti į saugų aukštį, saugiai nusileisti nustatytoje vietoje ARBA išmanusis atjungimas.

Deployment types

Customers can choose one of 3 types of deployments and/or combine them:


"Sentrycs" fiksuotas rinkinys


Nešiojamasis rinkinys "Sentrycs


"Sentrycs" transporto priemonėje montuojamas rinkinys


Sentrycs' autonomous and integrated counter-drone solution, offers 2 key modules:

Sentrycs DTI Module

Detecting, tracking and identifying drones in the vicinity of the perimeter, using an autonomous 24/7 monitoring system. Extracting rich real-time data, including the operator’s last known location and flight parameters. Friendly drones can be added to the “Allowed list” according to their serial number.


Sentrycs Mitigation Module (Optional)

Sentrycs Mitigation module enables to mitigate unauthorized commercial drone intrusions. There are 2 available options:
- Automatically and actively taking over the controls from the operator, navigating the drone to a predefined location, and then landing it there safely
- Smart disconnect: permanently disconnect a drone from its remote control, which as a result means the drone may keep hovering or return home according to the way it is programmed
Intrusion is defined as when a drone tries to enter a predefined geofenced area.