Sentrycs Vehicle-mounted Kit

All Sentrycs kits include off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software. The Sentrycs Vehicle-mounted Kit is designed to protect targets on the go, such as: Border patrols Special forces operations VIP convoys Marching protests And more…


For on-the-move potential targets, such as VIP convoys, and celebrity yachts, or for protecting special forces operations, first responders missions, and more, Sentryc vehicle-mounted Kit solution protects you against non-authorized commercial drones while allowing authorized drones to perform their usual tasks. It enables public safety and law enforcement personnel to protect a dynamic perimeter with a military-grade counter-drone solution that is discreet and can be mounted on all kinds of vehicles. 


Sentrycs vehicle-mounted Kit is a low footprint concealed sky protection. It is adaptable to your needs, autonomous, and provides a rapid response to emerging threats, primed for real-time detection and neutralization. It creates no false alarms, and is safe for any environment, as it generates no interference with other communication signals and GNSS, as well as no collateral damage.

A one-sensor solution is comprised of the following main components:

  • 01

    The Brain Unit

  • 02

    The Smart Antenna

  • 03

    The Server

  • 04

    Integrated GPS


The Sentrycs user interface allows users to define one or multiple no-fly zones above a geographical area. Once set up, its autonomous DTI (Detect, Track, Identify) capabilities alert the relevant stakeholders in real-time about drones approaching the no-fly zone(s); and provide them with an accurate picture of what’s happening in the sky, with no false alarms. If enabled, it can also securely take over the communication between the remote control, bring the drone to a safe altitude, and land it on a predefined landing zone.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.08.46

Sentrycs missions include several steps which follow a clear workflow:

Mission setup -
To build a new mission in the system, you will use the map interface to set up & allocate the mission’s no-fly zone(s), landing pads, sensor(s) and landmarks such as antennas, buildings, power lines, important assets, and more. You will then adjust an automated set of behavioral rules for autonomous mitigation levels (Predesignated zone landing, Permanently disconnecting from the remote control, None) according to the supported matrix and your defined “Allowed list”
Real-Time –
Track and control real-time events by receiving a complete picture with geolocation and telemetry of surrounding drones
Debrief –
A playback of every event is recorded and formatted for debrief to help users improve modus operandi and generate key operational insights


The Sentrycs counter-drone system is an integrated and modular solution, composed of 2 main modules:
Union 8 Union 7 Path 454
Sentrycs DTI Module
Path 455
Sentrycs Mitigation Module (Optional)
Customers can choose to only acquire DTI capabilities (Detection, Tracking & Identification) or add our unique drone Mitigation functionality - with the optional Sentrycs Mitigation module - that enables to safely land drones in a predefined zone, without creating any collateral damage or interference with other communication signals; or permanently disconnect the drone from its remote control, which will result in "Hover until it dies" or "Return home", according to the way the drone was programmed.