Counter-Drone Solutions for Airport Security

Unauthorized drones put airports' operational continuity at risk


Protecting Airports Under Drone Threats

Although airports prohibit operating drones within a radius of several kilometers around them, not a week goes by without another airport making headlines due to being suspended because of a drone sighting. These incidents are leaving passengers frustrated, airport reputations damaged, and financial losses.

Sentrycs’ Effective Counter-Drone Solutions for Airports

Sentrycs’s Integrated counter-drone solutions are particularly well suited for airports as they do not interfere with any kind of communications or GNSS, and can protect a very large area thanks to their multi-sensor configuration. Moreover, Sentrycs can differentiate between authorized and unauthorized drones, which enables airports to keep using drones for maintenance and other needs. 

Integrated with other DTI means such as radars (which can detect birds and other potentially dangerous flying hazards), and command and control systems, Sentrycs is the single addition airports need for a comprehensive security solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In order to do so, one must use a counter-drone solution that can differentiate between and identify friendly and rogue drones, even if the latter are not broadcasting the RID.

Airports are extremely sensitive to any detection interfering with pilot communication, and any mitigation interfering with an airliner and potentially causing it to lose control. Sentrycs solution, fortunately, does neither - passive RF DTI, and no collateral damage during the take over of drones ensure airports’ operational continuity.