Border Protection & Security

Secure Borders. Swift Response. Total Control. At Sentrycs, we specialize in strengthening border security against drone intrusions.


Strengthening borders against unwelcome drone intrusions

Our advanced counter-drone systems provide swift detection, tracking, identification, and mitigation of unauthorized drones, ensuring the safety and integrity of border regions, including protection agains swarms. Trust Sentrycs – the only company using protocol analytics that passed the DHS anti-swarm tests – for robust border protection and a proactive defense against drone intrusions.


Crossing a line - malicious drones used across borders

A new threat is pressuring governments worldwide as drones are increasingly being used across borders in different scenarios:

  • Smuggle drugs and weapons
  • For reconnaissance and tracking of border security personnel and facilities
  • To facilitate illegal border crossings
  • Explosive attacks against law enforcement and border personnel
  • And more…

Border security agencies face significant difficulties in addressing these challenges, partly due to the fact that borders are typically long and can be demarcated by natural features such as mountains or shorelines, as well as densely inhabited urban regions. This makes border security extra challenging. Anti-Drone Solutions are thus a great tool against exploitation attacks, protecting borders against attacks, penetrations, and smuggling.

Border patrols - the Integrated Counter-drone advantage for Border Management

Border management is a crucial aspect of national security, ensuring the safe and lawful movement of people and goods across territorial lines. It involves a complex array of tasks, from surveillance to threat detection and intervention. With the increasing threat of drones on borders, our Protocol Analytics-based solution offers a cutting-edge approach to border control, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of these operations. Sentrycs Integrated counter-drone solution is extremely well suited for protecting the sky above borders as:

  • It can detect, track, identify and mitigate an unlimited number of drones
  • It can differentiate between authorized drones used to patrol along the border and unauthorized drones
  • It is entirely autonomous and does not require 24/7 supervision
  • It doesn’t require line of sight
  • Its multi-sensor configuration managed by one management system, enables a broad area of coverage at a lower cost of ownership

Frequently Asked Questions

Each sensor in the Sentrycs solution covers a detection range as well as a mitigation range. In order to protect the entire border, multiple sensors will need to be deployed.

No. Sentrycs solutions do not require line of sight and do not rely on electro-optical technologies. It detects the communication signal between a drone and its remote control, hence day light does not make any difference in the system’s performance.

In the United States, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Key regulations include mandatory registration for drones within certain weight limits, restrictions on flight areas and altitudes, and the requirement for commercial drone operators to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate. Recent updates allow for night operations and flights over people under specific conditions. Additionally, a new rule requiring a Remote ID, akin to a digital license plate for drones, will be implemented soon.