Critical Infrastructures

Drone terrorism putting critical infrastructures at high risk


Critical infrastructures are vulnerable to increasing drone terrorism

The terrorist use of drones has unveiled a new type of vulnerability when it comes to critical infrastructure. From energy stations, communications infrastructure, critical manufacturers, nuclear power plants, and more to dams or government facilities, critical infrastructure is at an increasing risk from terrorist and other malicious actors’ drone attacks, which can potentially have devastating consequences.

Monitor threats from rogue commercial UAVs and UAS

Sentrycs’ Integrated counter-drone solutions help protect critical infrastructure with two autonomous DTI and DTIM modules. Sentrycs’s unmatched user-level identification capabilities allow the use of authorized drones - which in critical infrastructure typically perform inspection, maintenance, surveying, delivery, and security tasks. Not less importantly, because it guarantees zero false alarms, it doesn’t unnecessarily disturb security & operations personnel.

  • Get real-time alerts when unauthorized drones approach a restricted perimeter
  • Differentiate between authorized and unauthorized commercial drones 
  • Locate both drones and their operators


Ensuring critical infrastructure physical security with counter-drone solutions

The Sentrycs DTIM module takes counter-drone security and cooperation between the different authorities (security personnel, law enforcement forces, Etc) to a new level. Sentrycs can be integrated into critical infrastructure command and control systems and alert security personnel in real-time, so they can take immediate action to secure the situation. analyze the threat level, and determine the best course of action.

  • Alert relevant authorities to safely land unauthorized drones
  • Maintain continuity for small and large sites
  • Help emergency personnel and law enforcement authorities apprehend operators


Frequently Asked Questions

Hard-killed or even soft-killed drones can crash and damage the site or the people at the site. Sentrycs's approach is completely safe.