Protecting army bases and defense personnel from unwanted drones


Defense forces under commercial drone terrorist attacks

For many years now, terrorists have been using commercially available drones to gather intelligence, surveil, disrupt and kill troops, diplomats and civilians. In asymmetrical warfare, drones are frequently utilized against conventional forces and can be modified by attaching small explosive devices to them, effectively turning them into remotely controlled bombs.

Empower your military personnel with autonomous counter-drone solutions

Sentrycs delivers integrated counter-drone solutions that are flexible and modular and provide military units complete 24/7 protection from unwanted eyes in the sky. Fully autonomous, the Sentrycs DTI and DTIM modules require very little training to be operated and do not disrupt other communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional counter-drone detection methods such as radars may emit radio waves, which can reveal the presence o military units and even expose them to anti-radar missiles. Sentrycs technology detects unauthorized or rogue drones, accurately identifies them, and then automatically takes control of the drones and lands them in a safe, designated area. The system is passive during detection and identification, so that military units do not unintentionally broadcast their location to the opposing force.

The Sentrycs solutions require very limited training in order to be operated. Our teams will provide this training prior to completing any installation. In essence, once deployed, the system is fully autonomous and does not require making real-time decisions.