Mass Events

Mass events disrupted by unauthorized drones


Defending the public from malicious and reckless drone use

The responsibility to ensure safety at heavily populated mega-events, such as live sports, political and social entertainment gathering tens of thousands of people in one place, is no easy task. Such events can be thrown into chaos by the use of readily available commercial drones by criminals, terrorists, non-malicious hobbyists, and even the press accidentally interfering with police or 1st responder drone activities.

A flexible and easy-to-use counter-drone solution for mass events

Sentrycs Integrated counter-drone solution is extremely well suited for protecting the sky above mass events as it can be deployed in situ in a matter of minutes and operated by any security or law enforcement personnel. Sentrycs’s lightweight system can be carried, set up, and taken down by a single person. It operates autonomously, which makes it the solution choice for mass events, which by definition are time-bounded and repetitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many mass events are usually periodic, so it is critical to have a solution that can be set up and taken down rapidly, and is also lightweight and portable. Security personnel often have to carry the equipment up many flights of stairs and put it on a stadium roof for example.