Mass Event Security with no collateral damage: Protection from Unauthorized Drones

Mass events disrupted by unauthorized drones

Defending mass audiences from malicious and reckless drone use

The responsibility to ensure safety of mass audiences at heavily populated mega-events, such as live sports, political and social entertainment gathering tens of thousands of people in one place, is no easy task. Such events can be thrown into chaos by the use of readily available commercial drones by criminals, terrorists, non-malicious hobbyists, and even the press accidentally interfering with police or 1st responder drone activities.

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Event Security: a Growing Challenge for Officials

Securing mass events from unauthorized drones is a pressing concern for officials. Recent incidents, such as the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President and drone infiltrations during the Belgrade European Football Championship, highlight the risks. High-profile events like the Olympics, outdoor weddings, funerals, and concerts are potential targets. Implementing advanced security measures, including effective counter-drone systems, is crucial to ensuring attendee safety and preventing disruptions. Stay ahead of the evolving challenges and prioritize event security to create a safe environment for all.

A flexible and easy-to-use counter-drone solution for mass events

Sentrycs Integrated counter-drone solution is extremely well suited for protecting the sky above mass events as it can be deployed in situ in a matter of minutes and operated by any security or law enforcement personnel. Sentrycs’s lightweight system can be carried, set up, and taken down by a single person. It operates autonomously, which makes it the solution choice to protect mass audiences at mass events, which by definition are time-bounded and repetitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many mass events are usually periodic, so it is critical to have a solution that can be set up and taken down rapidly, and is also lightweight and portable. Security personnel often have to carry the equipment up many flights of stairs and put it on a stadium roof for example.

Drones can be used in events for various purposes, such as aerial photography and videography to capture unique perspectives, monitoring crowd movements and safety, delivering supplies or equipment to remote areas, providing live video feeds for situational awareness, and enhancing the overall experience for attendees through captivating aerial displays.

Disrupting a drone can involve employing various methods, such as signal jamming, RF or GPS spoofing, counter-drone systems, or deploying trained birds of prey. While these technologies offer effective means of disruption, there is an advanced, integrated solution that sets itself apart. This comprehensive solution encompasses end-to-end capabilities, including detection, tracking, identification (DTI), and mitigation, providing superior protection against malicious drones. With an integrated approach and advanced features, this solution ensures maximum effectiveness and mitigation of unauthorized drone activities.

Drones have both positive and negative implications for security. On one hand, they provide valuable surveillance capabilities, enhance situational awareness, and aid in emergency response. On the other hand, they also pose potential security risks, including unauthorized surveillance, privacy invasion, and the potential use of drones for malicious activities. As a result, regulations and counter-drone technologies are being developed to address these concerns and ensure the safe and responsible use of drones.