Counter-Drone Solutions for Special Forces

Protecting special forces personnel and operations from unwanted drones

Special forces represent the pinnacle of military expertise and readiness, often deployed for high-stakes missions in challenging environments. Their work ranges from reconnaissance and counter-terrorism operations to hostage rescue and unconventional warfare, often within dense urban settings. These unique operational parameters demand specific tools and strategies to maintain safety and mission success. One such challenge is the threat posed by unwanted drones. In an age where drone technology is readily accessible, these units face an increasing risk of surveillance, disruption, or even direct attacks. Our solution addresses this challenge with an innovative, end-to-end counter-drone technology designed specifically for special forces. It offers precision in detection, tracking, and neutralization of UAVs, minimizes false alarms and collateral damage, and importantly, ensures the safe operation of authorized drones, upholding the integrity of your mission-critical operations.


Drone Hazards Faced by Special Forces

For many years now, terrorists have been using commercially available drones to surveil, hinder and harm troops, diplomats and civilians. Today,  drone hazards faced by special forces exceed terrorist assaults, as drones function as aerial surveillance equipment to gather intelligence on troop locations, movements, and arrangements. Furthermore, they may pose a risk to the flight paths of helicopters and airplanes.

Lightweight counter-drone solution for special forces

Wherever they go, Special Forces are always protected with a lightweight, portable, and quick-to-deploy system. Sentrycs is easy to operate by anyone and requires minimal training.

Sentrycs delivers integrated, flexible and modular counter-drone solutions, which provide Special Forces complete 24/7 protection from unwanted eyes in the sky. Fully autonomous, the Sentrycs DTIM module enables special forces to accurately detect unauthorized drones threatening personnel and operations. They can then take over the drones and land them safely in a designated area, collect the drones – preventing any intelligence to be gathered by terrorists, organized criminal groups,  state, and state-sponsored entities – and locate their operators so they can decide if they need to neutralize them or not.

24/7 Protection from Unwanted Eyes

  • Fully autonomous
  • Accurately detect unauthorized drones
  • Avoids interference with other communication signals
  • Without unintentionally broadcasting any location
  • Averts collateral damage

Sentrycs Counter-Drone Technology

Sentrycs revolutionizes counter-drone technology through advanced protocol analysis, providing specialized solutions that meet the unique requirements of special forces units. Our cutting-edge technology utilizes protocol analysis techniques to detect, analyze, and counter unauthorized drones with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.Our comprehensive counter-drone solutions offer two key options that are specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by special forces: the Vehicle-Mounted Kit and the Portable Kit.The Vehicle-Mounted Kit integrates seamlessly onto special forces vehicles, leveraging our protocol analysis capabilities to detect and neutralize drones in real-time. This vehicle attachment ensures continuous protection during mobile operations, enabling special forces to maintain a secure environment for VIP security details, convoy operations, and critical missions.

For more dynamic scenarios, the Portable Kit provides a flexible and agile solution. Powered by advanced protocol analysis technology, it allows rapid deployment by special forces personnel, making it ideal for securing various environments and areas of interest. The Portable Kit’s compact design and advanced detection capabilities enable immediate and targeted response against unauthorized drones, ensuring operational success.
Both the Vehicle-Mounted Kit and the Portable Kit demonstrate Sentrycs’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge protocol analysis technology.

By utilizing this innovative approach, special forces gain an unparalleled advantage in detecting, analyzing, and neutralizing drone threats with utmost precision, while minimizing false alarms and collateral damage. Sentrycs’ counter-drone solutions empower special forces to maintain a secure operational environment and protect personnel and critical assets effectively.


Counter-drone technology for special forces involves an array of systems aimed at detecting, tracking, and neutralizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Given the potential use of drones for surveillance or direct threats, it's critical for special forces to have these countermeasures in place. These systems can range from electronic jamming and spoofing techniques to physical interventions like trained birds of prey or direct firearm targeting. While these methods have certain merits, they often lack the necessary precision, may not provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, and tend to disrupt the operation of all drones, not just the hostile ones. This broad impact can lead to considerable false alarms and potentially extensive collateral damage. Moreover, these methods focus on disabling or destroying the drone rather than ensuring a safe landing, posing additional risks. A particular challenge is their performance in urban or densely populated areas, where the high concentration of various communications and signals can further complicate operation. For special forces, where operations in such dense environments are common, this limitation can be significant. In contrast, an emerging approach offers an end-to-end counter-drone solution that addresses these concerns effectively, based on advanced protocol analysis. This approach effectively minimizes false alarms and eliminates collateral damage, creating a more secure environment that allows authorized drones to operate without disruption.

Military forces use counter-drones to safeguard personnel, critical infrastructure, and sensitive areas against drone threats.Countermeasures vary from signal jamming and spoofing techniques to physical neutralization methods like interceptor drones or direct firearm usage. However, these tactics often lack specificity, can trigger false alarms, and may result in collateral damage. Contrarily, an advanced counter-drone solution exists which offers end-to-end, precise drone neutralization with zero false alarms. This approach uses protocol analysis to sync with the hostile drone and its controller, virtually taking over its operation, and safely aborting its mission without causing any collateral damage. It also ensures a secure operational domain for authorized drones.

Anti-drone drones are a specific type of counter-drone technology, using a drone to neutralize a hostile drone. These drones might carry electronic warfare equipment to jam or spoof control signals, or employ physical entangling devices to capture the target drone mid-flight. Some systems use a swarm approach to overwhelm the hostile drone. However, these methods often don't guarantee success and can lead to collateral damage. An alternative, advanced counter-drone solution that uses end-to-end protocol analysis offers a more reliable and precise method. By interfacing directly with the drone and its controller, this system can effectively take control of the hostile drone and safely abort its mission with zero collateral damage, ensuring the continued secure operation of authorized drones.