Special Forces

Protecting special forces personnel and operations from unwanted drones


Special Forces need to look up like never before

For many years now, terrorists have been using commercially available drones to surveil, hinder and harm troops, diplomats and civilians. Today,  drone hazards faced by special forces exceed terrorist assaults, as drones function as aerial surveillance equipment to gather intelligence on troop locations, movements, and arrangements. Furthermore, they may pose a risk to the flight paths of helicopters and airplanes.

Lightweight counter-drone solutions for special forces

Wherever they go, Special Forces are always protected with a lightweight, portable, and quick-to-deploy system. Sentrycs is easy to operate by anyone and requires minimal training.

Sentrycs delivers integrated, flexible and modular counter-drone solutions, which provide Special Forces complete 24/7 protection from unwanted eyes in the sky. Fully autonomous, the Sentrycs DTIM module enables special forces to accurately detect unauthorized drones threatening personnel and operations. They can then take over the drones and land them safely in a designated area, collect the drones – preventing any intelligence to be gathered by terrorists, organized criminal groups,  state, and state-sponsored entities – and locate their operators so they can decide if they need to neutralize them or not. All of this is done:

  • With no interference with other communication signals
  • Without unintentionally broadcasting any location
  • With no collateral damage