Sentrycs proudly unveils version 4.7, a trailblazer in protocol analytics-based anti-drone technology. Our latest release doubles down on protocol dominance and sets new benchmarks in the counter-drone market. This version’s exclusive innovations include support of the following:

  • All most recent Autel drones and protocols,
  • Most recent DJI drones, including DJI FPV as well as OcuSync 3 and OcuSync 4 protocol-based drones,

The solution supports Remote ID but does not rely on it for the above capabilities.

This comes on top of an additional functionality: Sentrycs v.4.7 extends its multi-sensor capabilities and enables multi-site management, for geographically distant sites, even with poor network performance. It enables users to manage multiple sites and sensor locations with a single Command and Control that rules them all.

Last but not least, Sentrycs 4.7 includes a new feature that analyzes the activity of drones performing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), to better understand their targets and missions.

Sentrycs continues to lead the way in the counter-drone technology space, providing cutting-edge solutions that keep end users one step ahead of evolving drone threats. With version 4.7, Sentrycs not only reaffirms its commitment to innovation but also sets new standards in C-UAS capabilities, ensuring unparalleled protection and operational efficiency.

Stay ahead of the curve with Sentrycs’ latest advancements in anti-drone technology. For more information about Sentrycs v.4.7 and its groundbreaking features, contact our team today.